• High Heels and Climbing Shoes

    High Heels and Climbing Shoes

    Looking for something fun and unique to do on your wedding day? Maybe an activity everyone can enjoy while you get ready for the ceremony? That's exactly what Julie and Ryan did on their wedding day. While Julie was spending the day with her maid-of-honor and mother, Ryan took their entire family out to a day of climbing. Yep! Climbing! Some of the family where experienced climbers, and some had never been in a gym in their life. It was such a blast to watch everyone learn and teach each other the 'ropes' ;). The grandparents loved watching their grandchildren scale up the wall, the groomsmen huddled together for a laugh, and the kids couldn't wait for their turn in a harness. Their are so many details, and so much work that goes into your wedding. Don't forget to let go the day of. Have a laugh,

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